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Features of HTML 5

The web is continuously evolving. New and innovative websites are being created every day pushing the boundaries of HTML in every direction. HTML 5 is packed with lots of new features, code slimming techniques. We can say that HTML 5 provides very large benefits.

As discussed in previous article HTML 5 has many new elements. Due to the new elements it is easy to integrate multimedia and graphical content to web without using flash and third party plugins. Other major features of HTML 5 are as follows-

  • Make your Content Editable- This is a new feature which can be applied to elements called contenteditable. As the name implies, this allows user to edit any of the text enclosed within the element including its children.
  • Audio Support- There is no need to rely on the third party plugins in order to render audio.HTML 5 offers the <audio> element. This ultimately eliminates the need of the plugins.
  • Video Support-This is similar to audio element. HTML 5 offers the <video> element which eliminates the need for the third party plugins.  It also depends on the different type of the browsers which support HTML 5 videos.
  • Preloaded videos-The preload attribute allows you to decide whether or not you want your browser to preload the video. This saves the waiting time of the visitor.
  • Cleaner markup / Improved Code- HTML 5 will enables web designers to use clean and neat code. It allows us to remove most of the div tags and replace them with semantic HTML 5 elements.
  • Improved Semantics- As the codes are very standardized we can increase the semantic value of the web pages using HTML 5 elements. In HTML 5 it is easy to see which parts of the page are headers, nav, footers …etc as the tags are very specific for all.
  • Elegant forms- HTML 5 allows designer to use more graceful forms.
  • Consistency-With the help of new HTML 5 elements developers and designers can easily understand the structure of a web page.
  • Geolocation support- It is best known for use on mobile devices. The HTML5 Geolocation API is used to get the geographical position of a user. With the help of Geolocation any one can find your location in the world and share that information with other people.
  • Canvas- This feature allows the developer to draw graphics dynamically.
  • Client-side database- HTML 5 provides two different storage Local storage and Session storage in place of cookies. It is not a permanent database but it enables you to store structured data temporarily. As cookies have measurable impact on response time we can use Session storage and Local storage in place of cookies.
  • These are some of the important features of HTML 5. There are so many great features to look forward to from new elements to numbers of different APIs. Looking to the vast developments in web we can surly say that HTML 5 will become an online development language in near future. We can use HTML 5 for building stronger web applications for years to come as it has a huge list of features.






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