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Our raison d'etre is the compliments our clients give us. Here is a sampling of what our clients had to say about us:  
"I am extremely happy with the final product! This has been such an easy process. Avion is very organized. The documentation and communication has been wonderful! We are now in the process of expanding the scope of this project. I will continue to use this company and highly recommend them. Thank you guys!! Avion is a great organization!! These people have clearly learned the business. Very well organized. They adapt to new direction. Precise execution. Great communication! Avion is my go-to developer! "
- These guys are the GURUs!!

"I have worked with the Avion team for the past three months. First, they took time with me to explain how they could help me. They even gave me some suggestions I hadn't thought about. All milestones were met on time and to my satisfaction. Thanks to Shailendra, Vibha, Pranay and Ojas."
- Michelle Bournes

"Avion Tech is a very professional group that has met our first goal in good fashion. We expect a long-term relationship with them. "
- Sandeep Prasad

"Completed work as desired. Added nice touches to work. Creative and organized. Great communication throughout the project. Great turn-around times on changes. Delivered project files immediately. Will definitely work with Avion in the future"
- Ryan Chesney

"Avion has maintained excellent an communication channel for this challenging project. They appear to be both focused and flexible, demonstrating an ability to adjust their plan as needed and to keep the development moving."
- Nick Mirro

"I am so glad I made the decision to go with Avion Tech. for my website. The development team has been excellent, communicative & very competent; they have gone above and beyond to meet my requirements. The team has far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Avion for website development work and look forward to keep working with them for future projects."
- Manish G

"My Avion experience was great! Communication, both with the Chicago office and with the head of my development team, was outstanding. They were prompt and thorough throughout the project; this was important as we discovered that the project was actually more difficult than we initially thought. The few misunderstandings that arose were quickly straightened out. Conference calls with screen views helped us clarify issues. I felt involved in the decision making all the way through.. Once the revised site was loaded on my server, the team was quick to correct the few small issues that remained. Special thanks to Kalpak and his team for a very professional job. You have my highest recommendation and I am not known for being an easy grader. I look forward to working with you again."
- George - OBXPaddlers

"The Avion Technology team is a pleasure to work with! It's my first time using a team off-shore and I can't say enough great things about my experience. This team is friendly, professional, trustworthy, and amazing designers/programmers. They truly understood my vision and executed, and are extremely efficient. Projects were delivered on time, executed brilliantly, and any changes I need to make are easily accommodated. Looking forward to working with them in the future! Prices are great too! Avion Technology and the amazing design/programming team created a user friendly, professional, and well designed website for our family diagnostic center. They went above and beyond in adding tools (i.e. sep plugin) and anticipated my needs prior to me even asking. Extremely accommodating to my design changes/requests and continued providing support for my needs. I love having a website that I can easily manage and they even provided hands on training to show me how to use the various features they implemented. Love this team and will work with them again in the future. They're fast, easy to communicate with, and friendly! "
- Neil Shah

"I have found the people and policies behind Avion Technology to be extraordinary. They are characterized by deeply kind intelligence and openness of heart, by careful listening and a willingness to cooperate for the best possible outcome for all concerned. It is a joy to work with Avion and I look forward to a long relationship with them as a central part of our IT team. All of their skills are excellent."
- Maria Elliott

"Avion far exceeded our expectations. Great price, excellent quality product, and great customer service. See for yourself: we look forward to working with them as a partner going forward. Please feel free to contact our customer service department (address in on our site) if you need a reference for Avion."
- Mr. Matt Pettoni
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