We believe that architecture matters above all. It should be the first consideration when addressing a software development project- and becomes critically important when working with distributed systems or architectures. Poor architectural choices can rarely be fixed in implementation, no matter how good the development team is. Wrong decisions lead to lower performance, less security, and fewer options when an application needs to be updated or enhanced (post implementation).

Our consultants develop an architecture and define an infrastructure that will support our clients’ portfolio of projects.

We can assist our clients’ define and build a team and guide them through the initial stages of defining an architecture.

We can define effective processes such that the clients’ architecture team supports their project teams effectively.

Project-Level Architecture Consulting

Our architecture consultants can assist clients through their projects’ initial architectural modeling.

We can help in technical prototyping efforts to prove that an architecture works.

We mentor client’s staff in architectural modeling skills.

Architecture Reviews

Our architects review a client’s architecture, provide an assessment and specific recommendations for both enterprise and project-level architecture efforts.

We can perform a fit analysis of vendor offerings (.Net, Enterprise Java Beans) to ensure that our clients are purchasing products and services that are right for them.

We can implement measures/processes to ensure that the architecture will take our clients where needed in the future.