10 HTML Elements You Didn’t Know You Need

10 HTML Elements You Didn’t Know You Need

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I’ve heard that HTML is a straightforward language than other programming languages. HTML is the best and powerful markup language that helps build web application structure and provides accessibility benefits.

We know the classic tags that we used regularly like <p> for paragraph.  <h1>-<h6> for headline size, <nav> for navigation, <article> for bloger, news articles, <footer>, <heater> etc..

Today we will study some new and exciting 10 HTML elements you didn't know you needed.

1] Audio
2] Picture
3] Progress
4] Time
5] Date list
6] Work Break Opportunity
7] Video
8] Template
9] Output
10] Blockquote & Cite

Let's take a look more in-depth at each of the HTML tags listed above.

1] Audio:
There are three supported file formats of Audio in web development: mp3, WAV, and OGG. And we use the < Audio> tag to define a sound.

2] Picture:
<picture> tag used for specific image sources. there are two different tags <source> elements and one <image> elemenet are used.

3] Progress:
<progress> meta tags display bars on a web page.

4] Time:
< Time> tags are used for crawlers and bots to understand what Time is referenced exactly.

5] Datalist:
A catalyst is an advanced drop-down to select something in a form. The good thing is that it works as both a search and a drop-down.

6] Word Break Opportunity:
If you want to write a long block of text or a long word, use the <wbr> tag to specify.

7] Video:
Suppose you want to add a video on a webpage that we use the < Video> tag to specify a movie clip or video stream. The supported format of the Video is MP4, WebM, and Ogs.

8] Template:
The <template> tag contains content that is hidden from the user.

9] Output:
The < Output> tag reveals the result of a calculation.

10] Blockquote & Cite:
The <blockquote> & <cite> HTML tags are include the content is from an outside source.


Wherever any material is quoted as sourced from the published text with publishing rights vested in an individual, it is stated that it is a pure quotation and has no intention to claim it as our own.

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