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WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there today. There are many benefits to using this platform, it is open source, or free, it is very flexible, it is easy to set up, there are a lot of plug-ins available which add a lot of features to this program, and you don’t need to be a programmer to be able to maintain your blog. Some of the benefits that make this platform so popular are also some of it’d drawbacks. It is open source, so hackers can get the code and look for exploits, and it is popular so it makes it a worthwhile target to hack and break into. That being said, the support is fantastic so the code is constantly being updated to fix these major security holes.

One of the newer ways that this blogging platform is being used is as an ecommerce site. There are many ecommerce plug-ins that give website owners the chance to sell their products and services easily from their blog. One benefit is that at a minimal cost, the blog owner can easily have a store up and running within the day, instead of waiting several months to get the same kind of features available.

Ecommerce plug-ins come in both free and paid versions. The jury is still out on whether or not the paid plug-ins are better. The best way to understand which solution is best for the blog owner is do a feature/product comparison table and determine which plug-in best fits those needs. These are 3 free ecommerce plug-in that will allow your wordpress blog to sell it’s products and services.

Yak Shopping Cart – This plug-in provides simple ecommerce capability to the blogging platform. Some of the features of this plug-in include the ability to create products from posts or pages, configurable shipping, checkout widget, downloadable products multiple payment options, and ability to set promotions, among other features.

eShop – eShop offers customizable checkout, product options, downloadable products, multiple payment gateways, shipping options, automatic emails for purchasing and it’s compatible with WP affiliate for affiliate marketing. You are even given some inventory control as well.

Are Paypal – This plug-in is more of a paid content type of plug-in. Users of this plug-in would use it to manage the payments of paid content on their blog. This plug-in allows for subscription payments, bonus add-ons as well as standard one-time access payments. What is nice is that Google can search the hidden content so it can be indexed in the search engines and that content can still draw more people to the site.

It is easy to add an ecommerce solution to a WordPress blog, as there are many free options available. The plug-ins listed in this article give the blog owner the ability to add a very low cost solution to their web site. If the blog owner has a few products and isn’t in need of more sophisticated options like affiliate programs and add tracking, then these solutions will do very well. More sophisticated and complicated solutions will probably require another higher end solution that will more than likely require a paid solution.

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