ASP.NET has been the most robust and the most extensively used Web application development platform. It has beaten many a favorites that were doing the rounds before ASP.NEt came into the market. The competitive edge that ASP.NET provides to its users are immense as compared to many other development tools which are still used but in sync with ASP.NET.

Java was a hot favorite before the coming of ASP.NET with JavaBeans adding to the kitty of Java it was thought that the future of web applications lies with Java. Programmers were scrambling to get a good hold of Java and Beans to get the best experience on the Web Pages.

Although Java and ASP.NET don’t have any direct connection as Java is a Programming Language and ASP.Net is a web technology for generating web content. The major difference between both of them is the basic philosophy behind the languages. Java a programming language is designed to be run on many platforms thus using a common language whereas ASP.NET gives you the freedom to program in any language and has compilers for different languages that generate a platform specific code.

The main advantage that ASP.NET provides over Java is that you are not really stuck with one language. You can take the best from each language that can be sued and develop your own dynamic WebPages which give the user interactive feeling with the server side scripting. Flexibility of the .NET is the main advantage that has made it so popular and extensively used all across the world.

Another primary advantage of it is that it has Visual Studio. Java’s primary advantage is that you have your choice of third-party tools. Today as traditional ways of business has emerged totally into ecommerce business it has very immense use in the business industry. Ecommerce solution like Auction online, Stores online, Classified, E tender, dating, job portals, social network and entertainment sites are made with the help of this programming.

ASP.NET holds the future for future web development and is going to be the mainstay in web development for a long time. Java is also being used where it fits best.

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