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Joomla is the most popular content management systems available. Joomla helps you keep track of your web content. It is the best ever CMS available in the world. Joomla is the latest technology in the web development community. Joomla has some advantages and disadvantage as well.

Let’s see some advantages of Joomla CMS Development.


Joomla is an opensource so its license is available free of cost. You can get source code free of cost and use and reuse it as per your needs. This way it saves your initial investment and totally reduce your project cost for Joomla CMS development.

Multipurpose Use

You can use Joomla CMS development for various purposes. You can develop small websites for small business owners. You can develop Joomla websites for large corporate use and Joomla CMS development gives you plenty of functions and features to combat the situation. It can also use for government applications and organizational websites. You can use Joomla CMS development for personal websites, community portal as well as online publications like magazines and news papers.

Easy to Use
Joomla is design for easy installation and set up. It doesn’t need users to have complicated process and advance knowledge of web development as it take only few clicks and voila! software is installed! Its set up is automatic. It is easy to use and anybody can add, edit or delete the content on Joomla CMS development powered websites. It needs no prior knowledge of web development.

Templates and Themes
There are thousands of templates and themes available for Joomla CMS development. You just install Joomla and do some minor modifications to suit your requirements and start your online presence immediately. Templates give plenty of options to choose so you can select the one which is nearly suit to your requirements. There are various themes available for Joomla CMS development and you can select any for your Joomla website which is best of your tastes.

Easy Migration

Joomla CMS development can be easily migrated to any server and most of them can work with any database.

Large Community
Joomla has vast community support and you can get regular update from the community. You can ask questions get answer and much more with community. You can solve your problems and technical difficulties with the Joomla community.

Joomla has very few disadvantage and they are:

Joomla requires certain plug-ins for certain script.
Customization is limited.
It is heavy for simple and small websites.
You can not allocate different pages to different CSS when you use Joomla CMS development.

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  1. Kanishka Sarkar

    Joomla was designed mainly for simple websites and blogs, and for people with only some knowledge of building.

    huge server resources requirements,
    limited Customization,
    some Paid plugins,
    some Plugins compatibility,
    SEO Un-Friendly,
    makes the website heavy to load & run,
    less secure

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