is the superior version enabling the websites more attractive and with more features. This is more capable to provide the user-friendly features. ASP.NET is the better option for web based programmers to make dynamic pages. Huge features of ASP.NET is making popular among programmers.

The limitation of ASP classic has been overcome in the ASP.NET. The Key point which makes ASP.NET, a better option, is discussed here:-

Performance runs faster as all the processed are governed by the ASP.NET runtime, making availability for any request if any process stops, a new process gets created and thereby the requests are handled immediately. Whereas in classic ASP the process has to be restarted as it runs under the IIS spaces which can even crash. For debugging, the classic asp sits back and ASP.NET with debugging tools improves the performance and thus makes an edge over the classic asp. Using Server sided controls. In large applications where numerous codes are to be generated, gets to few numbers in case of ASP.NET and thus overpowers the ASP Classic and maximize the performance.

Language support limitation

-Asp Classic works only in java script and visual basic script platform where as supports all the dot net languages like C#, J# etc to make the web based applications more interactive and stable. ASP.NET is completely server side technology. Since it supports all the languages so more comfortable to the programmer to use the best language suited for the particular applications.


-In case of Asp Classic the line by line compilation of codes is executed, on the other hand ASP.NET compiled into .net classes consists of HTML codes and Server-side codes which reduce the errors and more secured and efficient compilation. ASP.NET is the server side technology so the codes first of all the executed on the server and then sent to the browser.


The features of ASP.NET continue to function well and updating the application, making the required changes without restarting the Web server. But in Asp Classic the web pages which is to be updated needs restarting on each request.

So the conclusion is that the ASP.NET scores well as compared to Asp Classic and the programmer should opt to this for any kind of web based application to a small or large organization. Surely it will serve the purpose efficiently.

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