While working with Asp.net, two major options comes in mind and they are VB.net and C#.net. Both contains different attributes which are useful in different working environment and need of the websites accordingly. Visual Basic and C Sharp (C#) are the languages of the .net framework development platform for website which uses same set of library for writing codes. It depends upon the programmer which language is easy to learn and effective for object-oriented projects.

The owner, who is interested in building the website for his company needs all the interactive features and user friendly dynamic pages which can be easily access by a layman too. Most programmers use either of two languages i.e C Sharp or Visual basic with .net platform. C Sharp is based on the C language and the VB.net is entirely on visual basic programming language.

What programmers need is the code should not be very much complicated and arrange able. The program, written using the codes must have events, controls and various other features to enable the programmer, more freedom and facilities to make the website with more attractive and professional look with all the important information for the common user.

Both have their own unique features which make them useful for the web developers during various projects. Most programmers work with visual basic. The compilation of the code is done in the background which is more suitable for large projects where large number of codes involved and the IDE slows down the compilation process; therefore this is executed by the namespace feature of the VB.net. VB.net uses late binding feature to handle the errors in a better manner. Vb.net is not case sensitive.

On the other hand, there stands the C #.net. In this language the most versatile feature is to block the unsafe code using the keyword unsafe. The other features which are not found in the VB.net are Static Classes, Multi line comments and partial interfaces. One more feature of C#.net is the overloading operator statement for making the disposal simple.

Knowing what your project requires and what are the features required for making it more attractive and useful for the user, must be considered while opting for VB.net or C#.net for developing websites using Asp.net.

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