Process has become a buzzword within the digital space. However, at Avion, it is our belief that whatever nomenclature you might put on a process- Agile, Waterfall, DevOps- it should result in value to our customers. And value is not only defined by budget, it is also defined by a faster go-to-market, reduced iteration time and a bug free delivery.

The biggest hurdle in a successful offshoring relationship is misalignment of expectations. Often, suave salespeople mask an incompetent delivery machine. Clients get fed up of untested builds, lack of attention to details, sporadic communication and inability to ask the right questions resulting in time wasted in unnecessary hacks.

At Avion, we have created processes to mitigate these very issues. For starters, our client success team stays with you from the project discovery stage, right until the project delivery stage. This ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. Most importantly, if things go awry, as they sometimes do, we can offer prompt course correction and bring things back on track.

Secondly, instead of relying on the brilliance of an individual, we rely on time-tested tools like Basecamp (for collaboration), JIRA (for bug resolution) and Git (for version control). You get daily status updates (and yes! They really are daily 😊). The work is hosted on a staging server all along to ensure that you see the work in progress. We do a complete run-through of the project before migrating it to your server. For bigger projects, this is actually done in your office, so that you have complete confidence that you are getting what you have paid for.

Most importantly, we have a dedicated post-launch team whose job is to make sure that you get help even after your project has been complete. What separates us from competition is more than a decade of experience in delivering 700 + projects. Our crystallized knowledge of best practices makes the entire effort a collaborative one, where we add value to your project with our repertoire of expertise and experience. Below is a small graphic on our waterfall and agile development lifecycles.

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