E-commerce is the most revolutionized way of selling products in a relatively low cost. But do you have a successful e-commerce storefront integrated with an ERP system?
Often Business owner use e-commerce platform and ERP system separately, making silos of information and they miss out on the benefits of an integrated system. Imagine getting the e-commerce data directly from your ERP system without any human interaction, it provides you numerous benefits.

Let’s have a look at 7 key benefits that you have with an Integrated ERP system with your eCommerce store front:-

1. Increases Self- Service Functionality: The availability of real-time data from the ERP system on to the store front, allows customers to view available inventory, latest order status, and track shipments with tracking numbers. This helps in reducing your cost of operations and improves customer experience with your store front.

2. Reduce your inventory cost by having updated sales information: All web sales information will instantly appear into your ERP system. ERP Item Inventory will also be updated based on these web transactions. So with the most up to date web sales information and inventory, ERP user can properly plan the purchase and thus reduces the inventory cost.

3. Generate financial reports in ERP, based on Web Transactions: e-commerce applications are able to generate financial reports on sales. But integration with ERP provides the merchant the ability to produce Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, etc. which gives the transparency in financial information across the organization.

4. Increased internal productivity: Because the integrated system streamlines multiple business processes, it has reduced human resource involvement in these processes. Web sales orders will be integrated to the ERP system in real time, back office ERP user can instantly track the order and start the further processing. Thus the order fulfillment cycle is reduced through this integration.

5. Reduced Human Involvement, Data Redundancy and Error: With integration, web customer details, web orders, payment & shipping information will be integrated to ERP system, similarly Item and Inventory details can be uploaded from ERP to e-commerce portal, so in any way this integration will eliminate the need of reentering the data. Thus the integration solution will reduce human involvement, data redundancy and error over two platforms.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction: Ease of getting most up to date product information, inventory availability detail, order tracking detail, etc in the web from ERP system, customer satisfaction level raises a lot and it reduces operational hassle for the business.

7. Better Control of your Business: Integration of e-commerce and ERP business processes provides the business owners with a better control of their business and there by getting competitive advantage.

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