Case Study- Amazon Cloud services – AWS




One of client resellers had a CPA firm as a client running 58 applications in a data center. That CPA was suddenly confronted with the fact that his hosted datacenter was shutting down. The CPA firm quickly contacted his reseller who in turn contacted the owner and CEO of Avion, to find a migration solution. To make things more complicated, the customer was in the middle of tax season, which required that staff must have instant access to all data and applications on the servers to file tax returns etc. in time for their clients. Downtime was not an option.


The migration solution that the client was looking for had to be based on proven technology that could be easily deployed quickly and without incurring high costs. The client tested Avion’s Migration Solution and after 3 days decided to go with Avion since the migration was even smoother and quicker than anticipated.

The preparation for the migration encompassed the handling of raw data on the servers and setting up the logins, print servers, caching, etc. A sandbox environment was used to test that the migration completed successfully before cutting over. This preparation was key for the migration taking only a few short days and having worked so well.


58 applications with hundreds of Gigabytes of data were migrated successfully to AWS. The whole migration project took one week and was completed one week before the deadline.

The cut-over was so seamless, that the employees in the CPA’s office could simply log on and work on their computers as if the migration never took place. They never noticed that all their data and applications had moved to AWS. As promised by Avion, the migration was conducted within time and budget.