Case Study- Digital Transformation


Electromechanical Engineering


The Client is a provider and distributor of residential and commercial heating and hot water to the city of Arlington Heights and surrounding towns. Like most organizations, client is dedicated to continuous improvements across their organization to improve the quality, safety and comfort of its customers and employees.
The goal was to optimize daily work of heat meter installers, providing them with on-time information; enabling them to react quickly in case of meter’s breakdown. The aim was to digitize the existing internal workflow, process, and documentation to save time and improve work efficiency of employees.
So we set out with a very well defined problem: Translate existing business communication processes and hard-copy data into digital format and build an easy to use, intuitive application for engineers who don’t use mobile apps regularly.

  • Client digitized entire operational work-flow, leaving a zero paper trail
  • The app sped-up internal team communication, enabling them to report breakdowns and solve problems on-line without delay.
  • The application streamlines and facilitates the work of electro-mechanics, which are often changing location, and the office workers responsible for the logistics and supervision of work orders and emergency calls.
  • Since there is a geo-synchronous element to the app, remote management of electro-mechanics in the field became simpler.
  • A comprehensive dashboard-based solution gave quick access to several technical attributes of heat meters located at the address and device instructions.
  • Order execution rate doubled due to complete elimination of input errors when exchanging information through automated work order system messages.
  • New opportunities for collaboration and communication between employees.

Platform used includes:

  • iOS app using Swift
  • PHP for server
  • JSON for webservices
  • MySQL for DB