198 Solid Counsel – Site Hack

Client has provided the feedback with a bad review and wanted us to solve the site hack issue ASAP. They are getting heat of it from their existing clients. Client wants daily updates and we should only say its completed … Continue Reading

158 Avion Servers are slow

Moving to different server Hi guys Either you have to use higher performance servers for our projects DEV or we need to develop on my dev servers It costs me a lot of time, money and effort to do anything … Continue Reading

66 Reelfunder and LittleLaceBox

01. Complete the Site Review Points (https://aviontechnology.basecamphq.com/projects/12046312-littlelacebox_avi_inq_880/posts/85439790/comments) 02. Resolve the theme issue: (https://aviontechnology.basecamphq.com/projects/12036348-reelfundr_avi_gur_879/posts/85387722/comments#comment_279328168)  

63 I am looking for an X Code and apple script developer

I am looking for an X Code developer The function of my application is to prevent the unauthorized distribution of a password protected adobe pdf file. First, I use applescript for two purposes: One, to grab the user’s macintosh computer’s … Continue Reading

58 Vendor and Company Management plugin

I have a new client that I’m working that is using a WordPress plugin called Vendor and Company Management.  We are trying to update their website to mobile and the latest version of WordPress but I find no information about … Continue Reading

56 Online Casino Add display code in magento review?

Whenever somebody enter the review on our website it always attached a casino add in PROS and CON section of our review ?please see the code below:   <option value=”27″>lMJM9I http://www.MHyzKpN7h4ERauvS72jUbdI0HeKxuZom.com</option> <option value=”29″>The area casino surrounding Vegas in 1941.</option> <option … Continue Reading