Spoiler warning: We are firmly in the digital age now. Operating in a cut-throat business environment, organizations that succeed in today’s world will be the ones who leverage digital technology as a business enabler through all the different functional areas of the organization.

It is imperative for big business to hug the digital revolution if they do not want to lose their market share and position, especially in red ocean markets. Most CTOs today are still grappling with the pace of change of technology and are wary of the amount of disruption a digital transformation will cause, especially from a business continuity standpoint.

This is where Avion’s Digital 360 strategy helps you navigate the complex digital landscape. Based on a consultative approach, we help you create a digital strategy both for the near as well as the medium term with minimal disruptions. We then help educate the respective stakeholders so that there is a complete buy-in from the various constituents. Only after we have all the ducks in a row, do we begin the process of digital transformation.

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Digital 360 can be applied to each facet of your organization, ranging from that social analytics dashboard to hear your company’s “social noise” to integrating that HR platform’s mobile API with your payroll to have seamless data portability between the two.

For small businesses, the situation is much more dire. Workflows are often inter-operable and mostly on Excel sheets and sometimes, on non-digital media such as a paper trail. There are usually budget constraints and stakeholder buy-in is difficult , especially for family businesses.

All the while, there is investor pressure for growth and a workflow bottleneck helps kill any remnant of productivity and redundancy making your growing organization person dependent and permanently bureaucratic.

The bottom line is that the future is here and it is digital. Small and medium businesses need a comprehensive digital strategy to take them into the next sphere of growth.

Avion can step in to make sure that you have a seamless workflow powered by the latest transformative mobile platforms. You can say goodbye to legacy systems, worksheets and even that one employee who knows where to copy paste that little piece of data from your distributor’s website.

Moreover, this entire evolution happens at price points sure to surprise you. We would love to know you more and see if there might any avenue of collaboration between us.

Give us a shout at sales@aviontechnology.net or +1 (847) 798-4024 and we will show you how you can go digital.