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Django is an open source web application framework developed with a programming language known as Python. It was first developed for managing news sites before becoming a part of the open source collection. Hence it initially developed to suit fast pace newsroom environment Django comes across an impressive web development platform complete with files, settings, and data models. The main advantage of using this development platform is that it eases the creation of otherwise complex and database driven sites. The reusability of components with this platform also makes Django a favorite among programmers and developers. Django application development is no doubt rapid and comparatively easy and simpler.
Other than reusability of components, this web framework lays stress on component plugging and DRY or Dont Repeat Yourself principle thereby enabling rapid development. But these are not only the reasons why developers prefer Django. Adhering to model-view-controller architectural design, this open source web development platform comes with a lightweight and standalone web server which can not only carry out development but also supports testing. It also comes with a validation and serialization system which has the ability to translate between HTML forms and values which are suitable for database storage. Another feature of Django is a caching framework which has the ability to use multiple cache methods. It also supports middleware classes which can carry out custom functions.
Django also comes with an internal dispatcher system which makes it possible for application components to communicate events with each other through signals that are pre-defined. This web framework as such can come up products which are robust and give peak performance even under heavy load. Another feature of Django is an internationalization system which includes translation of Djangos components in various languages.
As you see that the benefits offered by this open source framework can benefit both the programmers and the users. Many web application development companies around the world offer Django application development. If you have decided to go for such application development you can also outsource the process to cut down development cost. India and China are leading destinations for outsourcing.

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