This article is explored by Avion Technology. Clint Jhonson an author , tells us about Joomla is a force to reckon in the contemporary world that is ruled by internet. Use it to maximize your potential .

Joomla does a superb job in managing the content of your web site. However, the true strength of Joomla lies in the Joomla extension. It is the application structure that allows the developers all around the world to conceive add-ons. The add-ons or the extensions are used to add those capabilities to Joomla that are not present in the basic code of the web site.

There is a variety of Joomla extensions available on the internet today. Some of them are for document management, Image and multimedia galleries, calendars and e-mail news letters. There is a Joomla extension that can be used as dynamic form builders and for paid subscription services. E-commerce and shopping cart solutions, and e-learning are yet other powerful Joomla extensions. The list is endless and each day sees a new invention.

Joomla extension can be used as an e-learning solution. Once you start using it, you will find that it is easy to get tangible results with distance learning courses. The application brings about numerous sophisticated e-learning solutions. It brings many features that allow you to include several e-learning procedures and techniques. It allows you to develop materials and tutorials while using the internet sources.

People who use Joomla extension are the ones who have corporate websites or portals, small business websites, school and church websites, magazines and newspapers and government offices. People dealing with online commerce, non-profit organizations, personal or family web pages and corporate intranets are also using Joomla extension. Basically there are five types of Joomla extensions: Joomla component, Joomla module, Joomla template, Joomla plugins and Joomla languages.

There are various types of Joomla templates. Author Joomla template is a unique template that is designed to improve content by offering a consistent format and style. This template was designed keeping in mind the fact that your overall design of the page creates a kind of integrity to the subject and should be presented in a way that is easily interpreted and appeals to the audience. One column and two column type of Author templates are the most common.

Another Joomla template is the dynamic template. Its technology allows you to revise text and also change pictures within the web site. The Dynamic templates are best suited to the web site owners who are tight on budget and time. The template gives fast results and it is easy to use. The Joomla template called the Office Business template is another easy to use business template which helps you in reducing the quantity of time that you spend on regular administrative tasks. This template can help you in trailing your company’s financial operations.

A powerful Joomla template is the Business Plan template. It helps you in writing an effective business plan which happens to be the key to your success. The serious investors want serious business plans. You can provide them with one by using this template which is created by the elite professionals in the world. The business plan template allows the business owners to save both time and money.

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