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You pay hundred dollars and wait endlessly for your website to get updated. What are you up to? Drupal is the answer for you. Drupal is an open source CMS, which is used to create websites, blogs, social networking sites and so on. In fact, there is virtually no limit to what you can be using Drupal for, and it’s free. Some of the feature, which Drupal tends to share with us are

1) Built-in User Registration: Certainly one of Drupal’s most powerful feature is that it may possibly register customers. One can easily e-mail all registered users, so maintaining teams of people using your website is very much simple.

2) Control Over the look: The template option gives you a control over the look of the website. The templates are made from standard HTML and PHP coding which saves your time to get a hang over the template language.

3) Versatile: There are thousands of modules or small mini-elements available. These are created by individual programmers and software companies, which work inside its framework to avail your website with n number of features ranging from social networking sites to e-commerce and many more.

4) Easy to Handle: With Drupal, one can easily edit web site content material, upload images and create new pages, all without the need to know HTML. Drupal has many modules for handling news articles, and can actually robotically publish content inside the websites.

5) Keep track of your Page: Drupals Version Control feature equips you with the facility to keep track of your website by providing a detailed page regarding the content updates, modifications done along with the date and time. This also leads you to a detailed track record of the changes so that you can roll back the content to an earlier version.

6) Online Administration: A reliable online help system built into the core text renders you help regarding your queries, and try and avoid all the problems you encounter in the other open source CMS.

7) Collaborative Book: This unique feature enables to create book in a hierarchy which contains titles, content, sub sections providing the registered and the authorised users to create, write or edit the content.

8) Polling- the Need of the Hour: The users are now, with the help of Drupal, able to create polls with the assistance of the poll module. Where polling is seen as the latest trend amongst youngsters, and a powerful medium to communicate, Drupal automatically tallies the number of votes and the module will also allow users to see results.

Drupal has emerged in the previous few years as one the most liked open-source content management system applications being used. Drupal uses PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL and is extremely versatile. It is more than simply widespread and claims to making it better and better as a volunteer community.

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