Now-a-days, many business organizations demand for customized web applications to meet their varied business requirements. And the development of.NET framework and other programming languages like VB.NET, has led web programmers to fulfill their clients’ demands in least possible time.

Of the many computer programming languages, Visual Basic .NET (VB .Net) is gaining wide popularity in the IT industry. Introduced by Microsoft, this object oriented programming language acts as a powerful tool for rapid development of web applications over the .NET platform.

Visual Basic .NET (VB .Net) is the advance form of the Visual Basic Programming language. It hosts a number of features that helps web developers to create bug-free custom web application in an easiest manner. Some of the important features of VB .Net are mentioned below:

• VB .Net includes features like in-place menu editor, automatic control anchoring and docking etc, all of which aid web programmers to create web application easily and quickly.

• This programming language provides automatic formatting of code, improved object browser, XML designer and lots more.

• By using this computer language, VB.Net web developers can easily create web application including features like event log, performance counters, file system etc.

• Since VB.Net is an object oriented programming language, web programmers can create enterprise-class code using full object-oriented constructs.

• It provides support for language features like implementation inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism etc

• Visual Basic .NET provides a visual forms designer to help web developers create web forms easily. Besides this, developers can use “drag and drop” feature to place elements according to their business requirements.

• VB.NET supports COM interoperability and enables developers to control the existing code for web application. It offers interoperability with other computer languages supporting .NET framework.

Besides the above mentioned points, there are a number of VB.NET features which can be implemented to create a bug-free web application.

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