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Android app development is one of the most profitable business models in the world. The rising popularity of the Android platform resulted in high demands for Android apps. This provides an array of benefits for android app developers. The fact is, the SDK facilitated by Android helps business minded individuals and android app developers alike to develop and work on the applications instantaneously. As such, apps are implemented much faster than any other apps

Created and developed by the Internet search engine giant Google, the Android platform is composed of three elements, the operating system or OS, the middle ware or main applications and a SDK. The SDK is the key to the app development phase. It comes with APIs and tools needed for developing application.

Android is an open distribution platform, which means an Android app developer can create and freely distribute their creation at their own discretion. Unlike iPhones OS, there is no single, controlled market for Android apps. They can create, develop and sell them online without any worries about licensing fees or complying with rules imposed by the OS makers single market for application. An android app developer can promote and sell them in any third-party channels they choose.

Building your own Android application development business does not require high capital to start your business off. The initial investment is less because Android is an open source platform. This means, a business owner will enjoy numerous benefits such as:

Shorter Development Cycle

Since Android makes it so easy for an android app developer to create and develop apps, the development phase is significantly reduced. This means Android apps will require less time, money and effort on the business owners end, without losing any profits at all.

Linux-Based Core

Android has Linux as its core. This means aids in easy accessibility to rich development environment as well as the main functionality of the mobile device. This helps in creating powerful apps that are resistant to crashes or bugs as well.

Easy To Use Development Tools

It does not take much technical expertise to create and generate your own Android application. Because Androids development tools are very user-friendly, one can create applications with minimal knowledge on programming. Of course, it pays to avail the services of professional android app developers. If an android app developer is not adept at using SDK tools provided by Android, it could lead to technical problems and likely to set back the date for application generation. Most business owners prefer to work with app development services in order to speed up the app production process.

No Biases

Unlike other types of mobile operating system where the money goes mostly to the OS makers, the android platform provides all the information and services that an android app developer needs to create his or her applications without any biases. They can operate and profit from their business without fear that Google will take the lions share of the revenues.

Higher Demands

Higher demands go hand in hand with more profits. Because Android phones does not come tied in with a single network carrier for a specified number of years, it offers more business opportunities to network carriers and android app development companies alike. When Android customer base grows, the demand for its application will grow as well. More companies can take advantage of this spike in figures and maximize profits without worrying about certain prohibition set by Google. Google, unlike Apple, is all for creativity and freedom.

More Features

Because the Android platform offers more features, users can get the most out of their mobile device. The rise in functionalities calls for specific apps to be added on a users mobile phone. This enhances the overall feature and functionality of the mobile phone, making it capable to handle multiple tasks such as word processing and web browsing.

It is without a doubt, advantageous for business owners to hire professional android app development companies to generate their own application. Such services are convenient and cost-effective. It also allows entrepreneurs to focus more on the core of the business rather than worry about generating quality applications.

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