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For any amateur game developer, iPhone provides an attractive platform to come up with their own games. It is so much fun to work with, as there are a lot of avenues that you can explore in this direction. Apple provides relatively low barriers to come into the realm of programming. Which is why, Apple iPhone is touted as the one of the most desirable toys for any one interested in game development. If you look at iPhone 3G game development technique, you will see that the cost and accessibility to this medium is relatively lower that that of other mediums. The iPhone developers require paying a mere 99 bucks to register and sign up and they are taken in. They dont need to wait for any approval, which is a very lengthy process and takes much of your time. Besides there is no need to download SDK as it comes free for all the registered developers. So, if you have an iPhone with you, you can start developing your game, for you already have your iPhone Dev kit in it.

To become successful in the field of iPhone game programming, one must be abreast with all the latest development going on in the market. It is also crucial to understand that the game development in the iPhone is just a few months old and is a young phenomenon. It is therefore subject to change with time (in a matter of few months). The two ideal locations to place your games can be either in a free list, or in a pay-to-download list. And obviously, the most frequently downloaded game would be placed on the top of the list and so on.

However there are certain things that must be realized while you shuffle the games on these lists. First- many a times it happens that a certain game is released on a free list and then it is downloaded many times, which brings an increase in the number of downloads and the number become higher than the average paid game. Seeing this, the developers move the game into the pay-to-download list. But they dont realize that by doing so, the number of downloads isnt reset to zero. This results the game to shoot its ranking higher in the paid game list too. Secondly, there is no demo version of any game which could make your task easier. So, there are many loopholes in iPhone game development that need to be corrected.

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