While I was surfing on internet , first query came into my mind that, Is WordPress The Best Free Website Builder?, then found out an informative read by Bradford Fox.

There are many programs out there that meet the demand for easy to develop websites, and with a little research, it is easy to see why WordPress is one of the most popular, and possibly the best, free website builder available.

In November 2009, there were over 18 million WordPress publishers, and with 28,000 people downloading it every day, its status as one of the best free website builders is clear to see. It is available in 120 languages, and some of the most famous sites, such as the New York Times, which is visited by thousands of people everyday, are created using WordPress.

There are many reasons why this site is so popular. The fact that it is free to use is an obvious advantage over other sites, but it also has everything you could need from a Content Management System, which will manage your online workflow.

1.Ease of Use

WordPress is easy to use, even for those people who have little or no internet experience. By following some basic steps, you can have your website downloaded, installed up and running in a matter of minutes.

With WordPress there is no need to learn or code any complicated html, as you would with a program like Drupal, everything is set up and ready to use, and with WordPress Multi-user, you can create one installation to support different blogs simultaneously.

2.Plugg-ins and Widgets

Many people still consider WordPress to be a program purely for blogging, but one of the reasons it can be considered one of the best free website builders is that it can be used for so much more. It can be expanded to such an extent that with many sites, it is far from obvious that they have been developed using a blogging platform.

The reason that such development is possible with WordPress is because of the some 6000 plus plug-ins that can be added to any website. These additional features can be easily uploaded to your site, to add various functions.

Some of the most popular plug-ins are ones that maximize your advertising potential, such as Adsense Deluxe and Ad Rotator; All in One SEO, which optimizes your sites SEO capabilities, and the statistics package, Google Analytics.

3.Visual Effects

Another important consideration for any website is its appearance. A theme will allow you to modify the way your site is displayed, by providing a collection of files that create the graphics and design of the website.

You can choose from a huge variety of themes on wordpress.org, which provide the background and color scheme needed to create an interesting, unique and memorable website.

For ease of use, functionality and visual effects, it is clear to see that WordPress outperforms its nearest rivals. It is easier to use than Joomla and Drupal, and able to produce more aesthetically pleasing designs than the latter, meaning that WordPress really is the best free website builder available, for novices and experts alike.

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