A New Year. New opportunities. New customers. New commitments. You are ready and geared up for the year ahead… And your website?
A website is one of the most powerful communication touch points for your business. It is one platform with an unmatched potential. It’s reflects your organization, presents the work you do, the services you offer and defines who you are. A number of business opportunities are waiting at the click of your website.
It will be interesting for you to know that from 2000 to 2010, Asia has shown 621.5% rise in internet use and Latin America has shown over 1032.8% rise.* Enough reason to believe that almost every prospective customer will check your website before establishing business.
And we’re sure you want your customer to believe you’re updated, advanced and stepping ahead with the world.
Here’s a checklist for an updated website that will ensure your customer believes you.
1. Check the dates
2. Update recent projects
3. Check the photos
4. Re-look at the client list
5. Re-look at products and services
6. Do away with obsolete content
7. Test all your links
8. Make it compatible with latest technologies

Get your website ready for the New Year. And get going!

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