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The Joomla module is a flexible and lightweight extension, mainly used for attractive web page rendering. These Joomla modules are used for less complicated bits in the web pages and could be witnessed across various components of the pages. Examples of standard Joomla modules are menus, login forms, install, latest news, etc. Joomla modules are of great help in adding special features or special functionalities to the websites.

Joomla Modules are Ideal for Simple Applications

Joomla modules are normally used to obtain and display data in any portion of the web page. Since the modules are flexible and simple, Joomla module development is quite easy. The Joomla developer creates modules that output static texts or modules that query remote databases. Even though it is possible to develop complex Joomla modules, they are ideally suited for displaying simple forms and data. A Joomla developer would not use Joomla module for complex session or record management. For achieving them, plug-ins and components are used, instead of using Joomla modules.

Joomla Module Creation is Easy with Knowledge of PHP

For proper Joomla module creation, you should have proper understanding of PHP and objected-oriented programming concepts. The simplest Joomla modules contain two files. They are the main PHP file containing the actual Joomla code and the XML file containing the module attributes. Standard Joomla application frameworks present the Joomla programmers with a wealth of methods and classes to build upon and to access the most common objects. The major advantage of Joomla modules is that they are configurable quite easily. It is quite easy to create several parameters at the back end for controlling the behavior of the module at the front end. However, the programmer would have to access the database, since the entire website is stored in a particular database.

For Complex Joomla Modules, SQL is Necessary

Very nice exception handling mechanisms are possible through Joomla frameworks and this is critical in providing high quality codes. However, Joomla programmers should be familiar with SQL to improve Joomla development. Since complex SQL statements are required to fetch complex things from the database, thorough knowledge of SQL makes Joomla cms development that much easier. The Joomla development company might be able to use the various Joomla templates. However, for attractive website creation, the main code functionality must be separated from presentation layers.

Application of Joomla Modules

Since Joomla modules are entirely different from Joomla components, modules are used mainly for providing information or data in the web pages. The modules are the best solutions to portray information already existing in the website. Hence, the modules add additional functionalities to existing applications or to the Joomla components. Still, it should be remembered that Joomla modules are not objective applications. They could only append functions to existing applications or present certain information. For maximum utilization of the powers of Joomla, the Joomla content management system (CMS) functions should be applied properly in web development.

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