Vibha Tambe

Vibha is the President of Avion technology Inc. Vibha comes from a highly educated professional family of attorneys and judges. When it was not common for an Indian girl in her teens to go abroad and study, Vibha came to USA in 1967 to study in a High School at Huntsville, Alabama. In 1972 she graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Her US under- graduate education has given her a unique advantage in building her career from those formative years.

Vibha is a law graduate of Mumbai University and was an eminent attorney over 20 years in Pune, India. After relocating with her husband to USA in 2000 Vibha, in her fifties, once again studied law and passed the prestigious New York Bar exam. Vibha at present lives in Schaumburg, IL.

Vibha developed her law practice in times when only a few women entered legal profession in India. But with her hard, honest and dedicated work, she could overcome these social barriers and rise to eminence. She became a retainer attorney to regional and international banks, corporations, institutions and large estates of many celebrities. Attorney work has associated her with many large and small businesses that has given her a rare insight into the affairs of a wide spectrum of business avenues. She brings to Avion this business experience, maturity and a long term vision of value-based growth.

Chet started Avion, as a freelancer working in New York in 2005. In December 2005, he moved back to his native India and started operations as single person shop. Within six months, the first group of employees was hired and the company began operations out of small office which could barely seat five people. Today, Avion’s India operations (under the name Ashore Systems) include a team of hundred professionals, and growing.

Chet is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington in Economics, his prior experience includes working for the Ecommerce Division of UAL Loyalty Services (the loyalty program of United Airlines) in Chicago. He also completed a stint on Wall Street as a business development manager for one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Tri-state area.

His personal interests include reading, writing, flying and social work. Avion is Chet’s proudest achievement thus far-having grown the organization 100% organically through bootstrapping. He has successfully incubated three other ventures- a coding academy, an ERP for small businesses and an investment company.

He was recognized as one of the “30 Most Talented Leaders” of the outsourcing industry at the Asian BPO summit held in Mumbai in 2013.


Chet Tambe