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Every content management system has its strengths and weaknesses. But, ore than weaknesses, the modx Content management system is widely known for its strengths over other CMSs.

As you can see, there are hundreds of content management systems available today, but only a handful of them are worth mentioning in this article. There are a number of strong points that would support our vote for MODx being the most reliable CMS than the others. Developers and users have been using content managements to build websites and many of them have found MODX to exceed their expectations over the other CMSs.

Looking at its magnitude of powerful features, we can”t help but compare it with other content management systems. The other CMSs are good but let”s see how it comes up when we compare them with MODx system.

MODx VS Joomla!

Joomla is also a powerful content management system in its own term. However these two CMSs are too different. If you are creating a portal site, Joomla would be a better but if you need total control over the site and the code output, MODx is far better.

MODx VS WordPress

WordPress is more popular as a blogging tool, but when it comes to anything else nothing good comes up. This blogging software is often hacked to work as a CMS. You need to take the hassle to implement WordPress into a CMS in order for it to become more than just a blogging platform or a static site. MODx on the other hand is a complete CMS and you can manage it without any restriction.

MODx VS Drupal

The problem with Drupal is that it is very daunting and difficult as compared to MODx or any other CMSs. A simple task would require a massive amount of computing resources. With MODx a site can be created in a few days or hours but with Drupla, it would take weeks to complete. Even with security basis, MODx is far more excellent than Drupal.

MODx VS Textpattern

The similarity with these two CMSs is that they offer more flexibility than the others. However, MODx offers more expandability and great features. Again, Textpattern falls short when it comes to many areas while building a corporate site.

Looking at the above points, you would know why users and developers favor MODx over the other content management systems. It is far better, flexible, SEO friendly and manageable.

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