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An open source web development program is a system that grants free and open accessibility to a program’s source code. Open source programs represent the finest of what people can accomplish when they work toward a common goal. Such programs are created, used and maintained by volunteer programmers worldwide. Compared to proprietary development programs, open source programs are constantly under review and improvement.

One of the reasons open source programs are so popular is that they are very often free. Sometimes, a more complete version of a download is made available at a fair price. However, this does not mean that users of the free version are shortchanged in any way. In any case, the constant refinement of open source web development programs means that there will never be a definitive version of a program, at least, not any time soon.

There are a number of advantages when it comes to using open source software. For one, upgrades are usually developed very quickly compared to that of proprietary software because of the open access principle. It is a matter of pride for volunteer web developers to be able to critically analyze it and rectify any flaws and make improvements if necessary.

As the operation cost of open source development is extremely low due to the largely voluntary nature of its developers, websites built with open source spend very little or nothing at all on license and server fees. Additionally, there is no need for secrecy for matters such as audits with open source software, the converse of which is usually true of proprietary software.

The open developmental nature also breeds an environment of trust among users and developers. The user has no obligations to any copyright or trademark and can customize code as he or she sees fit. Naturally, this flexibility can only benefit the entire community of users. By virtue of the whole operation being open and voluntary, there are no pesky encryption or activation codes to download, nor is there the constant worry of having to pay for an upgraded or improved version of something which is already free.

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