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1.The cevaheer application is a B2B online diamond platform application that will do your diamond searches, and wholesale diamond queries much more convenient, safe and fast. Online diamond stock exchange Cevaheer is a portal established only for companies operating in the jewelry industry. Registration of the final consumer on this online diamond stock market is strictly prohibited. Buying or selling diamonds through Cevaheer.com and Cevaheer applications is strictly prohibited. To buy or access the diamonds, contact the dealer’s contact information from the diamond details and contact the seller via telephone or message. Thus, the process of buying and selling diamonds takes place through the dealer.
2. Any products listed on this site that is specified by the suppliers are not accepted and committed in any way that the diamond suppliers have in their possession and possession, and contact with the supplier is required for the indicated products. The use of these products in this site is interpreted as being in possession of the suppliers so that it is not possible to use it in a way that is legitimate or it is not possible to claim in this respect, and it is assumed that all beneficiaries know and are aware of these matters. It operated.
3. Regardless of the supplier’s and / or website’s management in this sense, no provision shall be made in respect of any products placed on the site in the direction of these products, provided that such products are offered in the form of a sale by the person and/or that the suppliers are not liable to sell those products; legal, criminal, or financial liability, and that this site should be used in this manner.
4. There are thousands of diamonds in Cevaheer, certified by GIA and HRD, certified and unpatched.

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  1. Diamond search
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  3. Rate calculator
  4. Profile search
  5. Push notification and alerts
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