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Health and Fitness

Quick reference guide for the novice nurse, seasoned nurses, nursing students and professional healthcare workers to access health care protocols and instructional tools to complete various nursing procedures.
The app user will be able to access protocols from multiple categories with subcategories that give guided details of “how to” information.
This reference is not intended to substitute for any formal nursing education, textbooks or other professional health resources utilized by facilities and institutions to educate and promote adequate client care. Due to the nature of its health care and nursing content, this app may be updated, changed and frequently substituted to facilitate best practice techniques in medical/ nursing research..

  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter-backendL
  • Android Studio
  • Native
  1. Reference guide
  2. Guide for nursing students
  3. Nursing procedures
  4. Information guide for pre and post surgeries
  5. Nursing education
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