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Maps and Navigation

GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate is a different FREE GPS, maps, navigation and social networking application to share and view the location of your contacts on a map and start navigation in real time.
GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate has user-friendly map interface which allows users to send follow requests to their contacts in real time over a geographical area on the map and start navigation.
Whether planning for a meeting at a crowded place or simple navigation to the desired destination in the map, the GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate application makes sharing, viewing of location on the map in real time and navigation hassle free.

  • PHP
  • Native
  • Android Studio
  1. GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate is a UNIQUE CONCEPT designed to improve user experience by allowing sharing and viewing of locations on the map in real time
  2. GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate is a FREE application for everyone
  3. GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate helps QUICKLY FIND FRIENDS at a crowded place without requiring unnecessary phone calls
  4. PS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate is the way to SHARE LOCATION SAFELY. Your location sharing can be either turn off automatically at pre-defined expiry date and time or by yourself at any time
  5. GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate help STAY CONNECTED with your family and loved ones while on a long trip including overseas trips
  6. GPS, Maps, Navigation – FollowMate provides IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by providing real-time viewing of distances on the map such as taxi or delivery services. Easy to start navigation
  7. FOLLOW ME: Allows sending request to your contacts to follow you
  8. FOLLOW OTHERS: Allows sending requests to your contract for you to follow them
  9. FOLLOW ME: Allows sending request to your contacts to follow you
  10. QUICKLY CONNECT: Easy to send sprint (follow) requests to existing contacts on your phone without requiring to create a new contact
  11. LOCATE FRIENDS/FAMILY/CONTACTS: Easy to locate on the map once they accept the following request
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