Why SaaS is constantly winning new ground?

SaaS (software as a service) is a buzzword within the realm of web application and business application development today. It’s becoming an increasingly popular pick among business manager, slowly replacing old licensed on-site software installations.

The reasons that businesses choose to rely on SaaS solutions for their CRM, accounting, invoicing, help desk, file management and other business processes are many: there are no sunk costs, there are low monthly fees, a SaaS solution lets you scale up and down as you increase or decrease your number of staff, backups and maintenance is handled by the SaaS application provider.

Much like how companies used to produce their own electricity, there’s now a shift from producing your own software in-house to buying it as-you-go, thanks to SaaS. It is transforming software into an easily accessible utility.

Selling your own software as a SaaS solution

If you’re a software vendor having developed your own specific solution now is the time to make it available online on a SaaS platform. It will get you new customers as the “entry barrier” is diminished in a number of different ways. Firstly, the psychological attraction of a monthly fee instead of an upfront investment makes your potential customers more likely to buy your service/software. Secondly, your customers can access the software from any operating system which is a great thing as there’s a trend to move away from Windows to Linux and Mac OS X. Thirdly, it becomes easy for customers to try out your service online simply through registering and not having to download and install any software.

Developing your online SaaS web application in PHP and MySQL

Developing a SaaS is quite different from traditional desktop-based software development. Security is a great concern especially when it comes to SaaS business applications. A leak of accounting data would be devastating and truly embarrassing. You need to have proper backups in place as you will be blamed for any server crash and loss of data (after all you are now also the provider of servers, storage and bandwidth). The performance of the application is also something that needs to be closely monitored as you are paying for the processing power instead of the end-user.

Using PHP as programming language and MySQL as database is a good choice when developing your SaaS solution. It is open source and a large number of software developers have jointly tweaked it to excel in terms of performance and security. Both PHP and MySQL have also been around for a long time making it stable but also presenting you with a large pool of available talent such as programmers, database administrators, system administrators and web hosting providers.

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