Your websites /Apps are the most critical marketing assets for your business and services. They can make your local business turn into a global business. These websites /Apps are your web stores and offices. Your potential invisible customers get their first impression about your organization from your websites / Apps. It is therefore essential to maintain your websites / Apps by regularly updating them to give current information, keeping up with the latest design trends, and enhancing the services to match with your competitors’ web services and your business needs. Additionally, your websites /Apps are like your car that needs a regular checkup, repair, and maintenance.

We, at Avion Technology, Inc. understand, as a small business owner with a busy schedule and limited resources; it is tough to maintain and keep the websites and apps regularly updated and that too cost-effectively.

Our earned ‘collective knowledge’ from our 700+ projects have taught us a lot. We have found a solution to help small businesses like yours by offering affordable packages for providing various support and maintenance services. That way, your legacy websites/Apps and web applications do not look outlived their time and your expanded business and services.

Our clients find this beneficial service time saving, preserving their initial investment in website/App, and eliminating or reducing their need for an in-house resource.,

Here is how Avion Technology, Inc .can efficiently help small businesses to add value to their business assets by providing support and maintenance to their websites/ Apps and web applications.

  1. Testing websites and apps for broken links and issues/bugs;
  2. Updating to the current version of the software;
  3. Updating the design to current design trends;
  4. Updating text and images;
  5. Adding new features to keep up with the business competitors and business needs;
  6. Adding security features;
  7. Enhancing website and App speed;
  8. Keyword optimization for SEO;
  9. Providing website analytics
  10. Other additional services to your specific requirements.

For every client, we give customized support and maintenance package at a cost-effective rate. Please contact us @ or call us on (847)-707-9621