Do you or somebody you know need web or mobile app development? I guess the answer could be a maybe. Do you or somebody you know need some extra money on the side? I hear a big, resounding yes!

If that is the case, why don’t you hop on board onto Techbuddy, Avion Technology’s rewarding referral program that puts more dollars in your wallet.

The trick? Its simple! Refer a friend for our services and we will put 20% of the project’s price right back in your wallet. Yes, you heard that right! 20%. That’s enough to afford you that beach vacation in the Bahamas or the down payment on that dream car.

What’s more if you are a salesperson with an existing network of contacts, you have the chance to create an annuity if you can refer a steady stream of clients our way. Alternatively, you create an income stream if one of your referrals signs onto a monthly maintenance plan with us. Now that’s some extra cash for simply tapping into your network. Moreover, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home while your refer away your friends to us.

Think about it! Extra thousands of dollars a month added to your income for referring our services within your professional and personal network. They get great service and you make great money. Now that’s a win-win. And yes, Bahamas in the winter does sound like a plan!

Please feel free to send us an email at or contact us at 847-798-4024