Our Testimonials

JJO Agent

"I can't be happier with working with a company! Avion helped me realize my dream of rolling out a web application. EVERYONE that I worked with is Hardworking, honest and fair. The price was right and the people are better! Its been around two years of working together and I can't imagine working with anyone else! Thank you everyone at Avion and I look forward to a LONG relationship. Always willing to speak to anyone who wants to know more about my experience. Call Avion and ask them for my contact. Sincerely, James N from Juvenile Justice Online."

Jo Boudreaux

"Avion designed and developed a complicated web application in record time within budget. They worked with me for a couple weeks to brainstorm and iron out the project scope before I even hired them. During this process, their ideas for the functionality, security, performance and future-proofing gave me confidence in their knowledge, experience and attention to detail. The design and development phases were also outstanding and all deliverables were on time with impeccable quality. The project manager, Jay, stayed in contact with me to keep me informed of status and to demo site progress. Jay was very receptive and responsive to feedback as well. He made sure he understood my questions and suggestions and we either worked out a solution right then, or he took the feedback to his team and had an answer for me the next day. I was pleasantly surprised several times by their ingenuity, speed and excellence in changing the design or functionality to better suite my needs. The final product is esthetically pleasing, responsive, and quick with smooth functionality. We are glad we hired Avion and we highly recommend them for your software project! They really value their clients and care about quality."

Tom Stoklosa

"I have worked with Avion on several web development projects and there work is always completed on time and within budget. Avion always provides very detailed documentation outlining the agreed Scope of Work to ensure expectations are met throughout the entire development process."

Megan Peters

"Could not be more happy with the work that Avion Technology did for my website and business. They were always available to demo things to better understand how to manage a website as well as answer questions about anything and everything. I cannot thank Avion enough!"

Alison Dale

"We have been working with Avion Technology for many years, and they’ve surpassed all expectations. Avion is a fantastic technology partner with skilled and diligent engineering talent. The leadership team at Avion is highly experienced and passionate , and is willing to go the extra mile to make clients happy! We’d recommend Avion Technology to anyone looking for a team to help build and maintain your software applications."

Oluwagoke Ajayi

Working with Avion Technology Inc. was a great decision our company made and we will recommend the company to anyone. They developed our websites and apps at a very affordable rate; there is nothing as peaceful as working with a company that is very transparent and have good business ethics.