Our Testimonials

– Mario Oliveros

"After posting on several developers hiring websites and interviewing numerous development teams, I am happy that I chose to work with Avion Technology. They provide great value, good developers, and adept project management. I should also mention that it gave me great peace of mind to have a US-counterpart in Vibha as this was the first time I am working directly with offshore developers. I never needed to contact her throughout the project, but it’s just good to know that the option is there. Regarding the project, my site includes integration with some of the newest social media features and developer APIs. Avion Technology integrated these well and provided proactive suggestions on how to best implement. Also, they are comfortable working on projects in a phased or agile process. My launch is just a beta, and I will be using Avion Technology to build and optimize in later phases of this development."

– Prachi Sadh

"My experience with Avion Technology has been great. They have helped me put my vision to life and have done a great job on my website. Their 24 hour support is excellent. They create a Basecamp for you where you can review your project and their staff is extremely intelligent and professional They understand what you want and get the job done. Would recommend this company all the way."

– Mr. Ryan Martz

"When I decided to add an e-commerce website to my existing business, I consulted a very good friend of mine who owned a web development company. The type of site I wanted to put together was complicated. My friend offered to complete the front-end of the site for his “family rate”, which was extremely generous, but out of my price range. I then decided to look into outsourcing my project and was referred to a website that pitted development companies and freelancers against each other. I was presented with about 30 different offers for my project. After much research, I decided to award the project to Avion Technologies. I had never worked with a foreign company in this regard, so I was suspicious going in. I was nervous about 2 major aspects: sending over large amounts of money and the language barrier. Both fears were quickly put to rest. It quickly became obvious that Avion was truly dedicated to making my experience great. They were extremely diligent on making sure that I was 110% satisfied with the progress of the site. What most amazed me is how they went above and beyond what our contract stipulated. They would develop aspects of the site that I did not even think about and educated me on why they did them. There was a language barrier, but nothing like I feared. It was very easy to communicate with my team of developers. The best part of my experience? The bottom line, Avion developed my site for 1/3 of the cost of my good friend projected. Plus they built an entire back-end so that I can now upload information and change various information on my own, without paying a developer. This has saved me a ridiculous amount of money in the short time I have had the site. I wholeheartedly recommend Avion Technologies for your development needs. They were, and continue to be, a pleasure to work with. "

– Ms.Amanda Engel

"I chose Avion Technology after researching a number of companies and reviewing a multitude of sample websites. While many of the people working on my project on a daily basis were overseas, this turned out to be a surprising advantage. The development team was about 12 hours ahead of my time zone. Each day, they worked on various aspects of the project and then sent it to me for review. I received it early in the morning and then had time throughout the day to look things over and provide feedback in the late afternoon. Due to the fact that we were working in 12 hour cycles, instead of typical 24 hour ones, this shortened the development cycle and allowed my site to go live very quickly. Avion was very responsive to my needs for both design and functionality. The process was well organized, with all communication documented in a central site. Several times a week, I had online chats with the team to clarify complicated aspects of the project. The chat format was effective because it eliminated any potential difficulties with accents and language as well as providing a document that could be referenced as needed. I would be happy to speak to anyone that would like more information regarding Avion website development. My information is provided on the contact page at www.amanda-engel.com. "

– Adam Mohr

"Working with the Avion Technology Team has been an outstanding experience. As a first-time website founder, I really had no idea how to begin the process and what to expect. I found the early phases to be most critical and Avion Technology did a fantastic job of laying out the game plan from start to finish. I wasn’t sure that Avion Technology would have the knowledge and creativity to incorporate my initial website ideas, but they managed to hit it out of the park! The open communication line was most beneficial as we worked through additions/changes on a daily basis. My website idea of 13 years has now become a reality and there is absolutely no way this would have been realized without the skill set and experience of Avion Technology. They do a great job of incorporating you and your business as part of the Avion Team without limitations."

– Khurshed Sharifov

"The team at Avion Technology has been great to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very punctual. All of the milestones of the project were delivered on time. I highly recommend the team. Vibha, Kalpak, and Shailendra, thank you for a great experience. Look forward to working with you in the future."