Our Testimonials

– Greg Pretsch

"Very Good Communication. Prompt service, and execution of projects. Rare in this industry, especially for this price and some of the staff being overseas. I would hire them again. "

– C. Emerson Valiao

"I don't know where to start about my amazing experience with Avion Technology, the Tambe Family and their excellent team of developers. I had the opportunity to work with Raghu, Sonali, Amit and an extremely talented team over the past several months to build WeCause.org. The end product far exceeded my expectations of what could be delivered. Raghu and his team were creative in collaborating on solutions with my team. They were patient in understanding exactly what it was that I needed to be executed. During the most important aspects of the project the team worked diligently and always found solutions to any problems that arose. There are a lot of moving parts, many of which were built from scratch. They defined "Agile" in the closing months of development. Though many changes were out of their control, they stayed disciplined, never showed frustration, and showed me that working with this team and this company was indeed the right decision. There were times during the course of project when there was some confusion surrounding what we were ultimately building. This was not anyone's fault; what we were building was unique, and It was a learning process on both ends. As they began to learn the flow of the site and what I needed, I began to understand what was needed on the client end in order to make this a smooth process. This is a world class team, and they worked at understanding the nuances of what I wanted done with Ux. I couldn't ask for more. They efficiently handled the delivery to our servers, and they are knowledgeable with every aspect of the development process down to the hardware level. Avion Technology is a great company, one that is about family and helping communities around the world. I'm confident that this team can build anything, and I am very excited to be working with them in the future to build solutions and help our communities. I highly recommend Avion Technology for all your software needs. I would be glad to answer any questions you have about working with Avion Technology. Feel free to shoot me an email. Great Job Avion!"

Kim Smith

"Love this App. Proin venenatis, odio eget consectetur tincidunt, lacus magna."