Our Testimonials

– Mike Peterson

"Amazing to work with, Avion did top quality work for a great price. Our company trust Avion 100% to work on all of our projects. I highly recommend using Avion."

– Eric Rubenstein

"I had a great experience with Avion. After meticulously determining goals and guidelines with a comprehensive Functional Specification Document, the project went ahead on time at all stages. The team was responsive, and quickly dealt with any and all of my questions and comments. Bi-weekly leadings ensured everything was above-board and that the team and I were on the same page. I'd definitely recommend Avion, especially for the price."

– Ola Olatokunbo Ogun

"We have been dealing with Avion technology for 2 years now, they built a fantastic website for us and have been getting lot of business on the site. I recommend any business who wants to build a dynamic website to contact them. They are wonderful!"

– Mark Sarlitto

"I have been working with Avion now for a year, completely satisfied customer. They hit all my deadlines and built my App and did a great job."

– Josh Kamdjou

"Avion is a very well organized, hard-working and professional company. Project terms, expectations and deadlines are set forth in the beginning and the team is available daily to provide updates and address your ongoing feedback. I commend them on their professionalism and ability to adapt to change during projects. They strive extremely hard to complete your project timely and meet your expectations. If you're not satisfied, they will continue until you are. If you're looking for a team that is very well organized, keeps you updated on the progress of your project, and will work extremely hard to get the project done for you while meeting all your expectations, Avion is the company for you."

– Alexander Walke

"We have now worked together for some time and I enjoy your and your team’s professionalism in approaching tasks and responding quickly to our requests. You have always met our expectations and we are confident to approach together with Avion the next phase for Ask-An-Agent. I look forward to continue working together and to achieve even better results with new projects/phases which clearly would translate into a win-win for both parties."