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First appearance can be everlasting and forever. For an impressive website, the overall ingredients play significant roles. Colors of website are as important as content, images, usability and navigation of website to provide an overall visual appeal to users.

As they say, an image is worth thousand words. Ditto goes with the colors. Yes, colors do speak. So eloquently and so openly that they can open up an user to go with the flow of your website or piss him off at very first moment.

Colors can spark emotions and trigger the passion and attention factor of visitors. That is why offshore web designing firms have been really meticulous and particular about color themes of websites. Every color has its language.

A web designer, how much tactful or adapt at designing is lackadaisical if he does not know how to play with colors. Color can be classified in three different groups on the basis of their emotions evoking personality.

1.Warm: Red, Yellow, Orange and Pink
2.Cool: Blue, Green and Purple
3.Neutral: White, Gray, Brown and Black

1.Warm colors like red, orange, yellow and pink can bring your website the ‘go-getter’ and ‘bring-it-on’ feel. These colors have their own grace factor. Warm colors demand attention. Red is forceful and excite emotions like lust and enthusiasm whereas yellow which is otherwise ill treated for representing weakness and fear can depict warmth and sunshine feel if used rightly. Orange increase appetite and hunger feel in person and pink is innocent and feminine. So, no wonder you see most of the well designed restaurant websites and baby or women products’ websites in orange and pink respectively.

2.Blue can be cool and encouraging simultaneously. It bring forth reliability. Green is said to similar to money, nature and freshness. Purple is the fuel of creativity and raw originality. It is symbol of royalty.

3.Neutral color white portrays purity and peace. However the usage of white color is different in eastern and western countries it depicts different meaning of death and marriage. Gray is the least used color in eastern countries however most of western countries prefer to use gray shades as they depict belief and traditions. It is considered as one of the most used business specific and professional theme. Brown depicts earth and good for real estate websites. Black, if used well can set a right tone for website displaying grace, elegance and style.

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