Moving to different server

Hi guys

Either you have to use higher performance servers for our projects DEV or we need to develop on my dev servers

It costs me a lot of time, money and effort to do anything on your platforms as it’s so slow

Today I’ve spent almost two hours on this project but the site is so slow and becomes unresponsive, this is unacceptable and prevents me from working on the project

Please let me know what you prefer, I can set up a proper server we can use for our dev projects instead or you get your servers to a normal working standard?




  1. Pratik Gaikwad


    I am investigating this issue by contacting Bodhost.

    Once I will get proper reason and solution for this ticket, I will update this support ticket.

    Pratik Gaikwad

  2. Pratik Gaikwad


    I have checked from my side and found that there is no issue from Avion server.
    Avion servers have very good configurations.
    I also discussed this issue with bodhost and got same answer from them.
    The server on which site is hosted is higher performance server and giving proper response from everywhere. Second thing this is shared server. All other websites hosted on this server are giving proper response. if any issue happens with server, it affect all the sites hosted on server.
    It don’t affect for single website.

    The reason of getting slow response for this server from client end, may be because of clients local network issue or it may be connectivity issue from his network to Avion server.


  3. Support Admin

    I understand your concerns regarding server, this is not usual case though. Server may slow down some-times. We are working nearly100 projects on test server simultaneously, couple of them uses high banwidth. Couple of time server is in under maintenance from host provider as well.
    If you want we can migrate the site to your server and worked over there for available maintenance hours. In this scenario, you need to pay in advance for any maintenance work as we working on your server directly. I hope you understand this.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    [8:23:53 PM] Markus Svensson: Hi Shailendra
    [8:24:06 PM] Markus Svensson: No that’s fine, it seems better now again

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