I am not happy with the status of the project – PERIOD! I have not
received training or the documentation for making changes to the
website. Images that I have sent to incorporate into the website are
blocked and have not been added to the pages. While I accepted the
format of many of these pages, I want other pictures some of which were
used in earlier drafts of the website; such as the waterfall.

We need to discuss these issues before pushing the site live.

Link: https://basecamp.com/1844892/projects/14074246/messages/70041947#comment_537956341

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  1. Dhiraj

    Hi Hiram,

    This is Dhiraj, I am a Delivery Manager for your project.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Message posted by Raj assuming that you have given approval for the remaining pages of the site. We will not make the site live until it is compleated as per the agreed scope and your approval.

    We usually provide training to manage the site and user manual during the free support after making the site live. Raj will provide you the user manual by 21st June (Wednesday). Raj will guide you for managing the content. Since the system is new so we need few calls to guide you.

    We have used the images you have provided on the site, Raj will give you walk through of the pages where we have used the images. Also, we need images, content, and links for products and services page.

    Please let us know when we can connect to go over the progress.


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