Once again these code issues seem to happen after new add-ons are created and loaded.

This is not acceptable. We have paid for a functioning site with functioning add-ons that don’t break other codes.
It is not my responsibility to check the site each time or to stumble across coding issues.
Please have your team check the site thoroughly before loading.

As we have had relatively often, issues in various parts of the site each time new things are added on then it is up to your team to go through the site and check it if they are unable to keep the coding from interfering with other coding due to how they do it.

This has cost us our reputation, time and money today and ultimately affects Avions good name too.
Please sort this out.


Kalpak and Shrikant,
Thank you for fixing this problem so promptly. We had not found any problems with the third party presenter in the past as far as we know.
We usually go straight into login which has been done on a regular basis and have had some issues with Registration only. The Register on the Home page that takes us into Registration has always functioned accurately.
It was the REGISTER button on the registration page that was the issue. I obviously did not explain it well enough when I made the statement of the ‘register button’. I apologise as I am learning and growing myself with all of this in how to explain accurately what the problem is.
It seems to be functioning again now and the Presenter does come in though she seems to take longer to come on now.
It is a great relief to find it working again.
Thank you

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  1. Shrikant Rao

    Hello Angela,
    We have resolved the issues of presenter as well as registration button click. Previously presenter is taking a lot of space due to which the login module is overlapped and makes its unclickable. We have also done a registration on tablet. Now I can click on register button below login boxes and reach to registration page where we have also fixed the State and Area drop down issues.
    Please check at your end and let us know if you find any issues. I will be available on skype to solve any issues quickly.

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