Subject: Project moving much more slowly than expected

We have some concerns about the rate at which our project is being

completed as well as the quality of work being returned. We were under

the impression that things should be moving much more quickly at this point. It seems like many of our specs and practices are being ignored and I frequently have to reject code due to recurring violations of our Bes Practices. Additionally, the team has not used our version control server (Subversion), which makes it very difficult to check and track updates. I get the impression that the team is unfamiliar with the Subversion software. Specifically, in one of our tickets, there is a reference to some code revisions and the team’s inability or unwillingness to use our version control server is causing them to rewrite code that can be easily retrieved from the revisions mentioned in the ticket, which results in wasted time and money. Darren and I would like to have a conference call with you to discuss and address our concerns. Some time today or tomorrow would be best.

Thank you very much.

Murray Melvin

Computer Heaven


  1. Jaydeep Agashe

    We put best efforts to get the things back on track.
    We had couple of status calls with client to check the status of the project progress.
    It was observed that client was satisfied with efforts which we put to get the things back on track.

  2. Jaydeep

    We had a call with client and provided the solution.

    We have resolved all the above issues.

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