How are you?  I wanted to connect for a bit to discuss Avion.  I am not sure what to do regarding the last email Ashok sent me.
He said that we are waiting for (Sachin) who had a "family emergency" to return before they could provide us any updates. Can you help?
I had a 2 hour long meeting with the team last Friday morning to discuss many of the outstanding issues and to prioritize the items.
This is not consistent with what I was told and promised on Friday during our meeting. During our discussion it was very clear that we had multiple urgent outstanding issues that currently were not working in production and needed to be addressed. They assured me that these would be addressed and explanations sent so I could understand what went wrong and what Avion did to fix the issues. We also discussed getting the fixes to these items moved to production ASAP through Omar so that we did not lose more time waiting for me since I have so busy with revenue generating projects. We also discussed how important it was to make sure all the updated files were given to Omar and not accidentally missed.  I expected to meet with the team again this morning to connect regarding their progress and expected that on Monday I would have received an update to what they were working on and resolving specifically regarding the urgent items.
I heard nothing on Monday so I sent an email and received correspondence from Ashok this morning saying they were waiting for Sachin to return. I understand that things happen but was not aware that all our issues depended on one person, and this person in now "unavailable" putting a hold on our urgent items.
Just so you are in the loop, I am flying to DC next week for a Paintball Conference where I will be meeting with many of our clients face to face. I need to make sure that the functions currently in production are all working properly.  I have communicated this to the team and how we are at risk of losing clients when there are major inconsistencies with the system.
What are your thoughts?
Kind Regards,
Serene Hope

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