I’m really confused by this email. I don’t understand what the hold up is. I have sent you all of the documentation, even completely set up template examples of what I want for each of the sections, even had to purchase a template for you to use, and I have not seen anything on your end. I was working on the directory categories, but did not think that it would hold up any progress as it is not something you need in order to get some progress on this site. The directory structure is on the current site. You have the breakdown of the complete site. I told you all that I can add the sub-categories as the site is progressing. But still, there is nothing from you after all this time. I told you if you did not have a working example by last week, I would cancel the project. Setting up Joomla with my purchased template, with no custom work, not even our logo or menu structure added, isn’t showing me anything. I could do that myself in just a few minutes.
I paid you all to get started and so far, I have done all the work and even had to pay for a template. 
I needed to have the general site up by now and you have not shown me any work for the money I paid. 
I am canceling this project. 
Please issue a refund of the money that I sent.

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  1. Shailendra Jadhav

    Code has been migrated to client server, Looking for project approval from client.

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