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Dear Vibha!
I do not usually complain on things. I take them as they are and make the most out of every situation I face.
We started the website in April of this year with the hopes of having it up and running in August or September. We are now in November and I still am finding some issues from Phase I.
I know your people are working hard and that they are very talented. I just hope that they meet the deadline that was set. I made a commitment to all my Kickstarter funders that they will have their product on November 28, and I was unable to deliver because my website is still having issues. These customers have already paid for their products. The major bugs/issues were raised in the previous week while one was from mid October. I found several more issues as I am preparing my actual products, including some from Phase I. I will post them on Basecamp.

I hope that they take careful look at the details of the design that I send. The designs that I send are usually very descriptive and self explanatory. I usually clarify with them on Skype or Basecamp if something is unclear or if I need something changed. We sometimes have to re-do some items because it is not what is on the design. We spend precious time testing, communicating, and redoing something because of this.
I also hope that they test the functionalities thoroughly before sending it to me. I know that they probably do, but some of the items that I have been finding are obviously not working right. I do the testing myself and it takes time away from me.
I had to send an apology letter yesterday to my Kickstarter funders because I was unable to deliver the products that I promised. I told them that I will deliver on Sunday since I was told Friday morning (November 28th) by Raghu that it will be addressed that night (of November 28th). This is because the team is coming back the morning of the following day.
I am hoping for the best.

Melvin Aragon

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