Based on the call that we had last week (Thursday 11/20/2014), you mentioned that the Avion Technology developer would start on the Help Pro project starting today and then I got a message on Basecamp stating that the audit team needs to review the project. Will the audit review delay the project start date? If so, how long do you anticipate the audit will take? When are you expecting the developer to start? This week is a holiday week in the U.S., Thanksgivings Day is on Thursday and most companies are also closed on Friday. I would like to have this list of items completed by 12/15/2014 (within 2 weeks) and then start on the new scope of work by mid December. Can we meet tomorrow at 9AM EST to discuss next steps?
Please confirm that you are available to meet tomorrow at 9AM EST? If you are not available to meet tomorrow at 9AM EST, please propose an alternate timeslot.
Attached is the agreement that we agreed to on Thursday 11/20/2014.



  1. Admin Sales

    Avion Technology Fri, 9 Jan at 3:10am
    Hi Curtis,
    Went through the updated document.

    There was one big legitimate concern that we have. We recently checked the server logs. We noticed that there was another development team which was accessing the source code. This really puts us in a quandary since (and being an industry veteran you probably know this) all bets are off once someone other than the original team works on a project since you never know if they played around with any of the previous code (which in all probability they did, if nothing else, they must have had to alter the model/view/controller files).

    We are hesitant to touch the code files now since we are scared that we might end up breaking something else given that there is another team which is accessing the code/ db on the parallel.

    Based on this, all I can really agree to do at this point are non-PHP (HTML level) changes such as putting in the social media content and the google analytics as well as making the payment processor live.

    I can refund you the pending escrow amount via Guru and as a good faith gesture continue to consult your other development team if they need help with the code.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


  2. Admin Sales

    Curtis Maxwell Sat, 10 Jan at 4:17am
    Thanks for the follow up. For clarification I have granted an individual FTP access to the Help Pro server but there is no risk to having any coding issues with the PHP files or breaking something. In an effort to compromise and close out this project with Avion Technology as soon as possible, I would like to proposal the following…
    I significantly reduced the list to only 5 items:
    1) Fix the Twillio SMS text message issue – multiple SMS text messages are being sent out when only 1 or no SMS text messages should be sent out. I need to purchase some additional minutes from Twillio before this issue can be fixed and tested.
    2) Fix the Service Inquiry/Refund credit issue
    3) Fix the Service Request timestamps and remove all the double quotes from the Pro and Consumer dashboards and emails – The timestamp should be listed as (mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss) with no double quotes around the timestamp or user/pro names. The date and time should be listed.
    4) Fix the links in the emails – all the email links should be pointing to the correct dashboard section (i.e. access your message board, access to the consumer survey, access your calendar/appointment schedule, access the survey, how it works, etc…). The web link should direct to user to the correct section of the dashboard. Some of the links direct the user to the dashboard but its not to the right section of the dashboard (i.e. Consumer Survey – when the consumer clicks the link from this email they should be on the consumer survey page so they can easily fill out the survey).
    5) Google Analytics – add the GA tags to all the pages by integrating it in the footer. Google Analytics (setup, configured, tested and fully functional)
    If Avion Technology can fix the issues listed above within the next 2 weeks or sooner and refund the pending escrow amount via Guru; I’m willing to waive all the other pending open defects and issues.
    This is my proposed compromise to close out this project as soon as possible. Let me know if I need to provide any additional details or clarification to any of the points listed above.
    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Best Regards,

  3. Admin Sales

    Raghu Naik Fri, 16 Jan at 9:10pm
    Hello Curtis,

    We have checked the final points which you have asked us to Implement and consider as final points before closing this project.

    We would like to let you know that In an effort to compromise and close out this project with you. Avion will implement the following points from your given list.

    1. Fix the Twillio SMS text message issue
    2. Make Payment Getaway (LIVE)
    3. Google Analytics

    Please let us know your comments/thoughts for the same.


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