I am looking for an X Code developer

The function of my application is to prevent the unauthorized distribution of a password protected adobe pdf file.

First, I use applescript for two purposes:

One, to grab the user’s macintosh computer’s unique serial number.

Two, the apple script is the password inputter: It opens and then inputs a  complex password into the open password field of a secured adobe pdf file.

The apple script won’t function on any machine except the one with the unique serial number which I obtain (using apple script code).

The apple script code has been written.

The function of the splash – the  third component – is to hide the input of the password:   Important:   The process of inputting the complex password into the open password field of the pdf must occur behind the splash: This way, the user can’t see how I’m presenting them with a password protected pdf.

Thus, the user doesn’t know how I can have (1) a secured pdf and (2) have that pdf  locked down onto a single computer. (The pdf file will not open on another computer with a different serial number. This is all written into the apple script code.)

I already have the image to be used as the splash.

I’ve already accomplished this entire application on Windows and need it for the MAC.

The lock down and password inputter components – the apple script – is 90% finished but needs to be tweaked.

I do not have the splash.

I need assistance tweaking the apple script and creating the splash. Xcode is the only way I’m aware of to accomplish this. Widgets are an alternative but not as likely to succeed.  skype: p.s999

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