Hi Vibha,


Chris and I were hoping we could get an update from you on the status of our app. We have been waiting for about 3 weeks to hear back from the team on an update feature that was crashing the app and making it freeze for the users. When we do get a response from them, it is usually a variation of the same answer saying that it is being worked on.


What we are looking for is some sort of timeline on the completion of this app. We still have yet to get a working app on the AppStore and it has pushed back other parts of the project back and forced us to adjust our strategy when presenting it to people. This was intended to be a fall debut for a specific seasonal sport that has now passed.


We understand when making a new application there will be obstacles, but we would like to have more insight into these obstacles when they occur. Currently, all we know is we do not have a finished app and we have no end date on the calendar. We understand that there are other projects besides ours that are also being prioritized, but transparency on the status would be greatly appreciated and assist us on our end.




Kyle Burges

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