Hi Guys, the QA on this has been terrible and its making me look bad. I am not sure whats going on because there are some huge errors causing big problems on the live site. we need to fix and QA all of the replacement parts form stuff for tomorrow.
-Parts request form on elenco and snap circuits, their internal people had this comment:
     Is the replacement part form still under maintenance? I have about 30 customer requests submitted through our website that have part numbers missing. I assume this happens when the form is under maintenance?
so parts numbers are not coming in. you guys have to make sure everything is coming through on both sites.
-i checked the snap circuits replacement form and its also messed up with the earlier requests. pelase make sure:
-usa is the default country
-you can enter characters in the zip code
-part numbers and countries get submitted on the
PLEASE QA EVERYTHING ON THE PARTS FORM ON BOTH SITES. this is the busy season and its causing internal company problems with the errors.
-when you are on any product page on snap circuilts, the replacment parts link on the right is incorrect.
I just noticed that the snap circuits website does not display detailed spec.  Please look at model SCA200 on both and for example. compare data in the admin. please check on all product pages on both sites.
-this page looks like its missing content, is this what is in the admin?
seems little content, if there is a difference, please check against all other static content pages on both sites.
these i swear were issues we did a few years ago. but we need to be able to return the sc100 product for any of these :
sc 100
should return the same product, here was the earlier coment:
11)   Search results seem to be looking for a match in the Name and Description before model #.  Can you have the search results look and return Model # matches first then look in Name and then Description.  For example if you search SC100, it returns the item 753294, before the model SC100.
12)   Also regarding searches, can you make it so people CANNOT type a dash (-).  So if some types SC-100, it would only type SC100.  Or can you ignore the dash is someone types it and just search SC100 if the type SC-100.
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