Hi Anshuman,


This is definitely unacceptable for the live site. There are multiple issues that are arising and we have already received a number of potential customers calling about the problems. This is not good for business. This is our only way to sell our product and definitely raises concerns on the quality of our product if we have a faulty website that frustrates people.


Who updated to the latest Magento version? We have not changed the version since the website first went live.


I just did a test run on purchases and neither the admin or the buyer receive emails. This isn’t good. Before we had you work on this none of these problems existed, just the SEO updates and page speed… which still is extremely slow. The site receives an E grade on GTmetrix which is horrible.


We have to find a solution to backup the previous site or something Anshuman. We can wait until you find a developer to fix this.

Let me know what you plan to do. We can’t have this site up and causing problems.





The client just emailed me the following. They say that our work has the following issues.


1.       This site has been updated for latest Magento version (few months back)

2.       Due to it all existing functionality got OVER-WRITTEN, hence not working at all

3.       So we have to Fix –

a.       JS/JQUERY errors

b.      Confliction issues

c.       SSL issue – which is causing cross-reference issues while loading CSS/JS files

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  1. admin

    Magento version is not updates. We need to explain it to the client.

    I just did a test run on purchases and neither the admin or the buyer receive emails – it seems a server issue, we didnt find any issue in code.

    During SEO we have not edited any functionality or Javascript.

    page speed – Client has previous reported that speed is good. site is using heavy JS and ajax which increases the loading time and upgrading server will help.

    As discussed Soniya will join the call at 8:30 IST (25th may). I will let you know from where Soniya will take call.


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